Covid 19

Dear Valued Customers,

Due to Covid 19 we have decided to temporarily halt sales as of May 1st as shipping times are unpredictable and long. We are not sure when we will resume.

Existing Orders

There are still exisiting orders that have not been delivered. We have decided that there will be a full refund issued 90 days after purchase date if you haven't received it, if you receive it after that it will be free. We are sure your items will be delivered but simply can't give an accurate time frame.

Items are being delivered but the delivery time is longer than we anticipated, with the US, Australia, and New Zealand being the longest it seems. In hindsight we should have stopped selling April 1st, but stuff was moving ok until then. We realised near the end of April how slow items were moving. Also, since we ship worldwide, we ship from China, this could also be a sore spot for some because of where the virus originated from. This is how we keep prices relatively low and we have never had any quality complaints. We have to make each order as they are purchased because there are so many variations.

We have no plans to go out of business or bankrupt. Fortunately we don't have the costs brick and mortar stores have, rent etc. For those that have ordered items as gifts, we apologise that you never received them on time. You can track your items at or as tracking will no longer work on our site as the site has been paused. I wouldn't suggest tracking it daily because it may be frustrating.

If you do not agree with this policy, you can contact us at, or you can open a dispute with the payment gateway you used, paypal etc. This is the policy we have chosen, sorry if you don't agree with it. We tried giving full refunds if the customer agreed to repay 50% of the item when they received it, they would agree to that but wouldn't respond to our emails when they received the item, that's why we made this policy. There was never any intent on our part not to ship the orders or not have them delivered in a reasonable time frame. 

We apologise for any inconveniences this has caused.